Manaslu Circuit Trekking

Manaslu trekking region has only recently been opened or/and de-restricted to international tourism. Located in the central Gorkha district bordering Tibet, the region is extremely rich in natural beauty and cultural heritage. Manasulu offers a genuine adventure into a remote wilderness, untouched by the effects of tourism. Manaslu Round trek proceeds completely around the mighty Manasulu (8,156m), the eighth highest mountain in the world. We start the trek from the fascinating old historical city of Gorkha, the ancient kingdom of the Shah Dynasty that has a mixed Hindu and Buddhist culture. We follow the bank of the Buri Gandaki River valley, crossing its thundering waters on various types of rope and suspension bridge, passing underneath towering rock cliffs, and through dense jungle. The topography changes each day, as we ascend through a number of climatic zones into rugged territory. We soon join the barren lunar landscape of the Tibetan plateau, where monasteries, temples, chortens and Mani walls line the trail. Climbing further through alpine wilderness; we gain stunning and rarely seen views of Manasulu. 

The Larkya La Pass is the highpoint point of the Manaslu round trek at 5,235m, from where we gain unsurpassed views of Himlung Himal 7,126m, Kang Guru 7,010 m and Annapurna II. We then descend to the Marsayangdi river valley and on to Banisher from where we catch our minibus back to Kathmandu.This long and demanding camping trek is a wonderful alternative to the Annapurna circuit. The Manasulu Eco-Tourism Development Project, working in co-operation with the King Mahendra Trust for Nature Conservation has made great efforts to preserve the pristine beauty of this region, and to trek amongst such inspiring scenery is a rare joy. 

Round Manaslu trek is an amalgamation of rich culture, adventure, scenic beauty and rudimental rural civilization that represents ancient Tibetan lifestyle. This newly opened trek encircling the entire Manaslu massif, offers a chance to comprehensively explore the full range of Nepal’s natural and cultural diversity.As we start trekking from historic centre of Gorkha, central Himalayan Range appears in the backdrop with layering green hills and view of sweeping Valleys. As we head up towards the Mt. Manaslu, the trail reveals unexplored country inhabited by Gurungs. The trail eventually circumvents Mt. Manaslu crossing Larkya Pass (5,235m) and comes down to classical route of Annapurna. Here you can either continue trekking Around Annapurna crossing another arduous pass of Throng La (5,416m) or come back to Kathmandu.

Day 01 - Arriving into Kathmandu 1350 m and transferring to the Hotel

Arriving into Kathmandu 1350 m and transferring to the Hotel. Welcome to Nepal, You will first be welcomed by our repressentative and assisted at the airport that will arrange your transfer and check in to your hotel.

Day 02 - Kathmandu Valley Sightseeing.

Kathmandu Valley Sightseeing. In the morning we explore Kathmandu on an organized sightseeing tour visiting Bodhnath Stupa & Swoyambhu Nath Stupa. Here we may observe Buddhist monks in prayer in the monasteries surrounding the Stupa. We can visit the surrounding monasteries and perhaps watch the monks as they chant their daily mantras. In addition, we visit Pashupatinath, the most famous Hindu temple in the country and sacred Hindu shrine of the world, located on the banks of the holy Bagmati River. Here we will see Hindu holy men (or Sadhus), pilgrims bathing and, occasionally, funeral pyres burning on the ghats. In the evening, you will be supplied with your trek packs and final departure details for tomorrow.

Day 03 - Kathmandu to Gorkha

Kathmandu to Gorkha Drive approximately 4-5 hours in the morning from Kathmandu to reach Gorkha. In the afternoon sightseeing around Gorkha bazaar and the palace of Gorkha King where firstly brave Gorkha soldiers originated. Gorkha is the first place of Shah Dynasty of Nepal.

Day 04 - Gorkha to Kanchowk 956 m

Gorkha to Kanchowk 956 m We walk today about 6-7 hours. The trail separates from here north-east toward Budhi Gandaki river. We follow the right trail toward Khanchowk bazaar for the night halt. Khanchowk presents good view of Gorkha Mountains.

Day 05 - Khanchowk to Arughat 530 m

Khanchowk to Arughat 530 m It is our 5-6 hours of walking day and our walk will continue on to Arukot situated at the height of 530 m. The trek today involved little bit of up and little bit of down toward Budhi Gandaki. Arughat is the largest village of this river basin. We are up to here walking from historical village to village with wonderful mountains views. 

Day 06 - Arughat to Seti Khola 750 m

Arughat to Seti Khola 750 m Following the river Budhi Gandaki toward its point of origin. We pass the village of Morder and Simre to reach Arkhat River. After Arkhat we ascend slowly toward Kyoropani. We will spend our night today near the confluence of Seti River - an ideal place to take a fresh water bath. We have to walk about 6-7 hours today.  

Day 07 - Seti Khola to Machha Khola 890 m

Seti Khola to Machha Khola 890 m Our guide will wake you up in the morning and you will be served breakfast there. The trail descends slowly until you climb again to mountain ridge to Almara. Pass the forest trail to arrive at Riden Gaon where we will have lunch and we proceed to walk up. The valley here cuts into another side of the river to enter Budhi Gandaki. At Lambesi, the trail follows down to the sandy river bed of Budhi Gandaki. We spend tonight at Machha (Khola) River. We again walk about 5-6 hours today.  

Day 08 - Machha Khola to Jagat 1350 m

Machha Khola to Jagat 1350 m It is 6-7 hours of walking day crossing Machha River and head upstream along the river's edge. After crossing Khola besi, there is a hot spring called "Tatopani". The trail follows forested area after this toward Doban. Below Doban, there is a huge rapid at Budhi Gandaki. As the elevation increases, the rapids and the scenery undergoes a complete transformation. At Jagat, there is a police check-post where your trekking permit will be checked. We will spend our night here at Jagat.

Day 09 - Jagat to Ngyak 2300 m

Jagat to Ngyak 2300 m We will walk up about 6-7 hours day descending to the riverbed again. After crossing the river, ascend to a terraced hill of Saguleri. Sringi Himal 7177 m., one of the highest mountains in Nepal, can be seen from here. At Ghatte river, cross the river Budhi Gandaki to continue toward Sirish Gaon. We spend overnight here in Ngyak.  

Day 10 - Ngyak Sightseeing.

Ngyak Sightseeing. Free day for the local excursions explore the area.  

Day 11 - Ngyak to Ghap 2095 m

Ngyak to Ghap 2095 m By waking early in the morning at Ngyak having breakfast and walking about 5-6 hours following the trail upstream of Deng River - a tiny village of 4 houses. We walk through a newly built rock tunnel from here, thus avoiding the traditional steep climb. At Ghap, the Tibetan culture begins with Mani stones and chortens all around.  

Day 12 - Ghap to Lho Gaon 3150 m

Ghap to Lho Gaon 3150 m It is 5-6 hours of walking day crossing the wooden bridge over Budhi Gandaki to follow the path lined with houses interspersed with cultivated fields. At Namru, there is a police check post again. After Namru, across the Hinan river originating from Linda Glacier and continue on to Sho. Naike peak, Manasulu north 9774 m. and Manasulu 8150 m. is visible from here. Overnight at a spring at Lho Gaon - a small village.  

Day 13 - Lho Gaon to Sama Gompa 3500 m

Lho Gaon to Sama Gompa 3500 m It is our one of the short walking day of 4-5 hours passing the stone gate and long Mani stone wall of the village after Lho with full view of Peak 29 ahead. You can make a side excursion to Pungent Glacier from here to get a very close up view of Manasulu. Follow the lateral moraine of Pungen Glacier toward Sama. From the village of Sama, it takes another 20 minutes to reach Sama Gompa for night halt.  

Day 14 - Sama Gompa to Samdo 4000 m

Sama Gompa to Samdo 4000 m It is even short walking day like sightseeing of 3-4 hours trekking along the level table land and skirt around the ridge like lateral moraine heading to Karmo Kharka and Kermo Maman. Climb a terraced hill on the opposite bank of Budhi Gandaki from here toward a most remote permanent settlement - Samdo. Here amid the most sever condition of nature live some 200 villagers in forty houses check-by-jowl. Camp tonight here.  

Day 15 - Samdo Rest day and sightseeing.

Samdo Rest day and sightseeing. Free day for local excursion to explore to find out the real natural beauty.  

Day 16 - Samdo to Guest House 4450 m

Samdo to Guest House 4450 m Descend a mountain path from Samdo and until you cross Gyala Khola. Ascend again to the ridge overlooking the remains of a thriving Lyarke bazaar. Cross two small streams before Larke Glacier appears before you. Ascend from here to stirringly built buildings called "Guest House". It is also 5-6 hours of walking day.

Day 17 - Guest House to Larke Phedi 4450 m

Guest House to Larke Phedi 4450 m Early morning tea and prepare for the pass Guest house. Climb slowly toward Cho Canda and continue on to further ascending steep uphill heading to Larkya la 5135 m. Magnificent view of Himlung Himal 7126 m., Cheo Himal, Gyaij Kang, Kang Guru 7010 m. and Annapurna II are visible from here. It is steep descent again on the other side of the pass covered with full of snow. Tired and exhausted camp at the foot of Larke pass called Phedi. Walk about 5-6 hours and spend this night Larke Phedi.  

Day 18 - Larke Phedi to Karche 2785 m

Larke Phedi to Karche 2785 m It is 6 hours of walking day descending again to Larcia and to a hill called Pangal. Excellent view in the background from here. At Tangbuche, you descend again toward Bimtang. Climb the lateral moraine for a while until moraine ends to a riverbed. Descend again through Rhododendron forests to Hompak toward cultivated field to arrive at Karche for the night halt.  

Day 19 - Karche to Dharapani 19143 m

Karche to Dharapani 19143 m It is 6 hours of walking day having breakfast at Karchhe ascending through the paddy fields toward Karche La. From the pass the track descends through numerous fields to Tillije. Cross Dudhkhola from here to reach Thonje check post. You will join Marshyangdi valley from here. Overnight at Dharapani.  

Day 20 - Dharapani to Chamche 1433 m

Dharapani to Chamche 1433 m Following the trail down stream of Marshyangdi river, passing through the scattered villages to reach Chamche village for overnight spending.  

Day 21 - Chamche to Nagatti 846 m

Chamche to Nagatti 846 m It is about 6-7 hours of walking day ascending gently to Bahun Danda until descend again to Nagatti for the overnight halt.  

Day 22 - Nagatti to Besi Sahar 823 m

It is also again 6-7 hours of walking day, after having breakfast at Nagatti. The trail runs gently down stream of the river passing the village of Bhulbhule. Overnight at Banisher.  

Day 23 - Besi Sahar to Dumre / Kathmandu

Besi Sahar to Dumre / Kathmandu After early breakfast, drive for about 7-8 hours back to Kathmandu and transfer to hotel.  

Day 24 - At Leisure in Kathmandu. O/N Kathmandu Hotel.

At Leisure in Kathmandu. O/N Kathmandu Hotel. An opportunity to relax and reflect on your adventures and to complete any sightseeing and last minute shopping. We will also organize an optional flight over Mt. Everest ($130 US) or an optional biking trip around the Kathmandu Valley. Later this evening we'll all meet up for a group farewell Nepali food with typical dance.  

Day 25 - Departure with warm Good Bye.

Departure with warm Good Bye. Today is free to relax until departure or to commence any additional trips or activities you may have booked. If departing, you will transfer to the International Airport in time for your return flight home.


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